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Evergreen Street 27
San Francisco, Cal 90210
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About me.

Hi! I'm Hannah. I graduated from California State University Northridge with a Major in Marketing and Minor in Art. I also have an interest in UX/UI and photography.

My previous experience includes working as a creative marketer and visual designer at IntersectLA, which is an on campus student led organization. Currently, I am designing and building out websites for veterinarians worldwide with WhiskerCloud. I enjoy working on challenging projects and thrive in collaborative working environments.


Responsible for building, managing, and optimizing custom websites for veterinarians around the world using CMS software

Assist customers with requests and needs for website edits using programs like WordPress, Canva, Hubspot, and Photoshop

Designed, researched, and created content for integrated marketing campaigns uniquely tailored to meet each client’s needs

Utilized social media and internet platforms as primary communication channels to create awareness and promote specific goals

Experienced spearheading projects and working in an agile work environment with student teams from different academic backgrounds

Designed and maintained AMA’s website through Wordpress and DIVI to inform and attract more members

Created, distributed, and analyzed bi-weekly newsletters on Mailchimp to keep current members and alumni updated on AMA’s events

Shot and edited company headshots, branded products, and holiday cards using Lightroom and Photoshop

Designed and updated the company’s website to inform and convert visitors through download incentives and funnel systems

Created and scheduled content for social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn

Designed email campaigns through Mailchimp to inform existing clients and prospects about upcoming events, promotions, and helpful insurance tips

Designed internal and external documents to match the company’s brand identity using Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office

Designed and developed a full portfolio product design project in a span of 8 weeks with the help of industry professionals from Verizon Media

Learned skills necessary to pursue a career in product design such as researching, prototyping, wire framing, design thinking, and usability testing