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Lexitas provides ophthalmic-focused, people-centric and purpose-driven clinical trial services to the biopharmaceutical and medical device industry.

Lexitas Website Design



Lead Designer



Ophthalmology experts in clinical trials

Lexitas is a CRO (contract research organization) that provides clinical trial services to biopharmaceutical (and medical device) industry. They conduct the human studies required for new medicines to be approved by regulators.

Design Process

All pages were completed using a consistent design system with a slightly different touch of visual treatment to keep their personality. Circular elements are used throughout the site to reflect their existing logomark as well as to hint back to ophthalmology. Minimal animations are used throughout the site to add enough emphasis to the information without it becoming too overwhelming for users. 

Once the desktop pages were fully designed, we then focused on responsive design for mobile, tablet, and widescreen to ensure for a seamless browsing experience across various devices.

Dev Preparation

Once visual design was completed, our team finalized the style guide and component library for the site. Animation notes and reference examples were also included during this process.

Conclusion and Impact

By optimizing Lexitas user interface, the redesigned website provides a smoother, more intuitive journey for visitors while maintaining a brand voice of professionalism and human-centric.


In addition, the redesign of the Lexitas website aligns with their goals of defining their brand as industry leaders and more than just a "Clinical Research Organization."


Delivering a refined look and feel

The goal of Lexitas' website design was to define and drive their brand by becoming recognized as the preferred ophthalmology provider. To achieve this, we first identified the factors that set the company apart and then decided on the most effective way to present the services. This included: warm and welcoming colors, people-centric visuals, and approachability.  Once our UX team finalized the site map and wireframes, we moved on to the visual design stage next. We then reflected Lexitas' brand voice throughout the site by using imagery, colors, and typography that convey an approachable, trustworthy, and human centered company.

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