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Missouri Vet Dermatology Center Case Study

Missouri Veterinary Dermatology Center's mission is to provide pets with skin issues state-of-the-art care and treatment plans in a kind and comforting environment.



Lead UX/UI Designer


Missouri Vet Dermatology Center

Veterinary dermatology specialists

The Missouri Veterinary Dermatology Center in the St. Louis Metro area is operated by CARES LLC. The doctors and their team of experienced technicians work together with the primary care veterinarian to create the best treatment plan for their patients. Throughout the project, I conducted market and competitive research to understand the needs and gaps of future users. In addition, I organized several stakeholder interviews to ensure alignment with my client's business needs.

The Problem

The goal of Clever's redesign was to evaluate the existing site and suggest improvements for its visual promotion based off existing brand guidelines. Additionally, the project needed to achieve an intuitive experience for its multiple user funnels and vividly portray the brand narrative through a high-performing, optimized web experience to generate leads. In order to accomplish this, we first identified the goals that Clever needed to achieve through the redesign. This included: improving site visuals to better reflect their brand promise, communicating global presence, and creating well thought out user journeys. 


During our research phase, our team compiled over 10+ websites and synthesized specific elements of what we believed to make them successful. We then identified recurring elements from the websites and incorporated these findings into the wireframes and visual designs. This included: information architecture, mega menu design, content hierarchy, and clear, engaging homepages that introduce the product clearly to users.

Achieving an intuitive experience

Once site maps and wireframes were finalized, our team moved on to the visual design stage next. Throughout our homepage design exploration, we referenced inspiration, past conversations, strategy, and research to inform our decision making. We focused on creating an approachable and humble brand personality by intentionally using the brand colors, fonts, shapes, and imagery.
In addition, our team also focused on producing layouts that are clean, easy to navigate, and enjoyable to experience.

Design Process

Throughout the site, we created pages that leaned towards simple and clean designs in order to create opportunities for movement and animations to enhance the user experience. This allowed the site to become more immersive and let its brand storytelling shine. By designing pages that are light and airy feeling, we were able to incorporate Clever's secondary brand colors and shapes without making the design feel too overwhelming. Our team also designed an iconography set to mimic the existing line work graphics in the brand guidelines and also incorporate some areas of color to pop. 

Once the desktop pages were fully designed, we then focused on responsive design for mobile, tablet, and widescreen to ensure for a seamless browsing experience across various devices. Careful attention was given to the responsive experience throughout the project so the experience is consistent on every device.